2020-09-17 09:16

Lead Printint - Competitive Capacity of Knowledge Driven Institutions

“The box is not black; it is as colorful as people and their cultures.” (L. Garzik, 2020)

This wording is referring to the wording of “black box” when it comes to the discussion about
how input is transformed into output: The issue is heavily debated in many
innovation/knowledge eco-systems and was one of the motivating factors for embarking upon
this research project.

Many economies invest heavily in their education and research ecosystems. In order to
maintain these investments, the regional innovation system has to transform knowledge into
money through business models which are successful on the market. Furthermore, the money
earned can be reinvested in new knowledge. By following the stream of money flowing into
the knowledge ecosystem, a region should be able to find the best places to bridge gaps to
innovation: universities, research institutions and industry.

One of the key findings is that a major part of the human capital available each year flows into
risk averse career models and do not require knowledge to be transformed into innovation.
The impetus for that development is to be found in the cultural framework of the respective
ecosystem. The hypothesis is that the mindset of management at the relevant knowledge
driven institutions has a significant role to play. Entrepreneurial spirit is inherited and
transferred top-down, meaning that it has the potential to be a major driver for the capacity
of those institutions to improve the competitiveness of their regions.

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